Volunteer Dental & Health Insurance Trainee

Dental and health insurance is becoming of utmost importance in our society, which in turn, is increasing the opportunities available for individuals to enter this occupation. The main goal of this role is to sell insurance to individuals in order to fit their current needs. This requires individuals who are charismatic and who have a good knowledge of the medical profession. In order to enter this career it is best if you attain some work experience early on, whether it is paid or unpaid. This will give you the chance to learn the basics of the job, and also help you to find whether selling dental and health insurance could be the career choice for you.

Duties include

The typical duties involved in the selling of dental and health insurance include:

  • Doing your best to ensure the medical and dental needs of clients are met.
  • Discovering which type of insurance would best suit the customer.
  • Maintaining dental and medical insurance records about current clients.
  • Helping clients to make claims should they suffer an accident.
  • Help to ease client’s worries about medical and dental issues.
  • Work with a variety of individuals.
  • Keep up-to-date with medical and dental advancements in the market.
  • Upholding a good rapport with clients.
  • Building up a network of clients.
  • Maintaining a professional manner.
  • Developing marketing literature for possible clients and contacts.

Skills and education required

Those working in insurance will typically choose to specialise in one area, such as dental and health. Degrees of interest include business, economics, mathematics, dentistry and medicine. You would need good educational results to undertake such degrees. Dental and medicine degrees are not a necessity, but can further your knowledge of the sector. Of more importance are a strong business sense and a charismatic personality. Medical knowledge can be acquired through experience, which is why voluntary placements are of great importance.

You should try contacting local insurance or marketing companies to kick start your career and improve your credentials. Skills required include an outgoing personality, a strong sales technique, the ability to build up a strong list of contacts, a creative approach, and an understanding of the dentist and medicine sectors. Such skills can only be attained through experience, which is why you should acquire work experience as soon as possible. Useful websites include Insurance Careers, the Chartered Insurance Institute and NHS Careers.


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