Volunteer Laser Hair Removal Clinic Student

Laser hair removal treatment is a fast growing industry, as it appeals to one of people’s great annoyances – unwanted hair. Laser hair removal clinics deal with cases in which people want to rid themselves of needless hair, while ensuring that the surrounding area is not damaged. Therefore, it requires individuals who are precise with their workings and coordination. Voluntary work experience at a laser hair removal clinic is a must as this can go a long way to improving your credentials, and can also help you to discover whether this is the job for you. Work experience will demonstrate that you are hard working and that you have gained invaluable experience working in a clinic.

Duties include

Typical duties you would need to undertake include:

  • Handling and analysing any referral material.
  • Working with patients of varying backgrounds and ages.
  • Ensuring the equipment is in good working order.
  • Making sure that you are up-to-date with any improvements in laser hair removal treatment.
  • Keeping patient records in order, particularly for those requiring more than one treatment.
  • Ensuring patients are okay to undergo treatment.
  • Making sure that patients understand the process involved in laser treatment.
  • Working with a team of medical staff and offering your expert advice to visiting students.
  • Ensuring measurements of the area to be treated are accurate.

Skills and education required

Laser hair removal is not an occupation for those interested in beauty therapy. This is a job where you will need to have a good level of medical skills and knowledge. Therefore, a medical degree is recommended, and can give you the chance to gain some practical insight into the occupation. To enter a medical degree you will need an excellent standard of GCSE and A Level results, or other similar qualifications, particularly in the sciences. As well as the degree, you can try acquiring a qualification such as the BTEC Award in Laser/Light & Associated Aesthetic Therapies.

Skills required include excellent science and medical skills, quick thinking, able to communicate well with co-workers and patients and also able to work with complex tools. Mere qualifications are not enough when it comes to finding a job, as many employees ask for individuals who have experience in a laser clinic. This is why you need to do your best to make contacts in the industry, and also, need to ask around for any opportunities of voluntary or part-time work. This is an industry where effort can pay dividends.


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